Background Information


We meet four times a year on the first Wednesday of February, May, August, and November at 6:30
Please be prompt 6:45 is the Charity Draw
Three Corners Grill and Tap (75th Street) is the location for all 2019 meetings

co founders of 100 Women Who Care Downers 

Sharon Sartori


Joanne Walthius


  • Each member donates $100 per meeting ($400 per year)
  • The donations will be given to charities/non-profits/worthy causes serving locally in the Downers Grove, IL area
  • Controversial charities/non-profits/worthy causes will be avoided and only official charities/non-profits (501c3) will be considered unless there is a local worthy cause that has been researched.  If there is a worthy cause, the money will be handles by a bank, with a trustee administering the fund to issue checks after receiving receipts.  All charities/non-profits/worthy causes must be submitted the meeting prior to nomination to help research all possible recipients.
  • No National programs will be considered because the mission is for 100% of the contributions to stay in the local community
  • Any member may put a suggestion she has researched in the drawing at each meeting;  three will be chosen for consideration.  If there is an immediate/emergency need at the time of the meeting it can be presented as one go the three choices.
  • Each of the members of the 100 Women Who Care who submitted the three charities/non-profits/worthy causes which were drawn will be given five minutes to make a presentation.  No representative of an organization may make the presentation, unless that representative is also a member of 100 Women Who Care.
  • The membership will vote and majority rules.  Even is a member's choice is not selected, each member is committed to donating at each meeting.
  • members unable to attend will give their checks to other members to deliver to the meeting on their behalf, eliminating the need to contact people afterward.  The checks will be considered proxy votes.
  • Those charities/non-profits/ worthy causes selected will have to agree TO NOT USE THE NAMES of members for future solicitations or give information to the public,  If the beneficiary of the donation does  not adhere to this condition, it will be removed form any future consideration.
  • Once a charity is chosen they are removed from the draw for four (4) years.
  • All email correspondence to the membership will be done by blind-copy to keep members information private